Empowering practitioners to sell contact lenses at competitive prices conveniently


The Brief

There was a decline in sales with optometrists as people were favouring buying online. Optometrists had stock backing up in warehouses and storage units. They wanted to solve the problem of overstocking and decrease in sales.

The Solution

Our solution was Optomeyes, a web portal that allows optometrists to compete with cheap online contact lens retailers and also assign patients contact lenses through a custom-built customer-facing app - Sparkle. Sparkle works in tandem with Optomeyes, to provide Optometrists and their patients the best possible service when purchasing contact lenses.

The patient's contact lens information is stored making it quick and easy for them to reorder. The stock problem was also solved by distribution going straight from the manufacturer which means no more stock overload and storage issues. Win, win!


Radiant Basket

Radiant Basket

Radiant Basket

End to end ordering tool for pharmaceutical sales representatives