End to end ordering tool for pharmaceutical sales representatives


The Brief

Radiant Health were looking for software to replace their existing manual process which was consuming approximately four full time employees. They wanted a way to increase sales and make their team’s life easier when visiting their customers. The client wanted to go to market in a short space of time and constantly develop the system over the coming year.

The Solution

We developed Radiant Basket, an end to end ordering automation tool enabling sales representatives, office staff and administrators to create deals and sell products. The system contains full privilege based authentication, allowing different levels of access for different users.

The first version of this product was ready for market in less than a month, with refinements over a period of six months. The end product was extremely efficient, resulting in a user friendly system placing over 30,000 orders to date with no failures. This is also operating as a cloud based managed service which we have been managing for over four years.


ZOOM Pharmacy

ZOOM Pharmacy

ZOOM Pharmacy

The first direct delivery robotic pharmacy in New Zealand