The first direct delivery robotic pharmacy in New Zealand


The Brief

Non-adherent medication is a massive problem in the health sector, with up to 50% of all prescriptions not filled out or used incorrectly. ZOOM Pharmacy knew that this needed to be addressed and aimed to find a solution where the delivering of medicines would be easier and more efficient for the patient. ZOOM Pharmacy wanted to develop a system that could improve patients health and ensure that they were treated as effectively as possible.

The Solution

SOLARC worked alongside ZOOM to understand the problems that they were looking to solve. After initial concepts were consolidated, we conducted a deep dive investigation to develop a solution that changed the way pharmacy services are delivered in New Zealand.

The close working relationship between ZOOM and SOLARC enabled the project to go from idea to live software in less than 12 months – ahead of time and on-budget.


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Te Kukupa

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